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If you’re looking to get your car or home window tinting done in Frisco, Texas and nearby area then Frisco Window Tint is your go-to place to do so. We know that you want to spend your hard-earned money on a store that actually values your hours of labor, which is why we’re extremely transparent with our price guide. We don’t believe in misleading or misguiding our customers, and hence, state everything outright before you zero in on the services you require for your home and car.

We provide protection of up to 99.99% from the sun's heat, security from break-ins and privacy for your comfort. Our lineup of exclusive brands give us the advantage to provide extremely high-quality films, the latest technological advancements, affordability and the best after-service to our clients.

Your Window Tinting Problem?

At Frisco Window Tint, we offer window tinting to ANY new or used vehicles. We have well trained and very experienced technicians in window tinting. We have many different options for the tint you’d like, whether it’s just a light tint or limo tint. We guarantee our tints will never crack, bubble or turn purple for LIFE! To schedule an appointment give us a call at: or fill out our contact form.